New blog, new ideas!

Ah, once again writing and working on getting the few creative tendencies some sort of outlet so they have a chance to develop. Now, whether they actually do is rather doubtful, but who needs them, right?

Anyways, on to the new ideas portion! When I first really started blogging way way back in 2008 I had absolutely no sense of purpose other then vague updates about my life and talking about WoW with my WoW friends. Some of that has changed, for instance I now play SC2 instead of WoW, and some of it hasn’t, I’m still going to post whatever I feel like, more or less whenever I feel like it. Oh, and I’m still going to ramble while I, hopefully, learn things.

So where was I? Right, new ideas. There are two generally vague reasons I decided to start back up. First is I want somewhere to record all the good things that happen in my life, second I kinda want to start casting SC2 games. Those are most of the ideas. Ah, you ask what they mean? Why I’ll tell you!

Second things first we’ll talk about the SC2 games. A number of respectable casters I’ve watched during a variety of SC2 events have mentioned that casting has helped their personal SC2 skills because it forces them to view the game from a more objective standpoint. While I never plan on being a pro player or casting an IEM qualifier the idea intrigued me. But not enough to do anything about it. However, this last week it occurred to me that it does more then just that.

Casters, especially good ones, cover two different and distinct categories. First they’re informative, meaning if you’re watching a SC2 game and you have little knowledge of the game they’re dialogue should guide you to understand why the players are doing what they’re doing. Second they’re entertaining, this one is completely subjective. Mostly it boils down to enthusiasm and ability to express it, and the ability to make an incredibly boring swarm host vs swarm host game sound interesting. These are both invaluable skills to someone who plans on potentially making a career out of the military.

Because of my career field I’ll be required to brief high ranking officers on events and thus be able to speak clearly and informatively. And due to the fact I plan on being an NCO I’ll have to give briefings to the new little airmen on incredibly boring but important topics like suicide awareness and sexual assault. The ability to make those topics interesting will engage airmen and cause them to retain the information better, so long as one doesn’t go overboard.

Now back to the first things, recording all the good things that happen in my life. I’ve noticed a trend throughout my life of being very happy to point out someone’s (even my own) stupidity, and since I’ve joined the military my inclination to complain about any and everything has worsened. So I want to take time, at least three times a week, and describe something really good that’s happened since the last time I wrote. I lived a blessed life and I believe that forcing myself to “count my blessings” on paper will lead me to be more positive in people’s company, which is something most people enjoy.

Well, that’s about it, so here’s a link to my first SC2 cast for your enjoyment. Please feel free to comment on it either here or on the video itself. Derogatory comments are quite welcome as long as they’re phrased kindly or come with useful suggestions for improvement.

~beriah out

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